Specialising in CIGS technology, Avancis have created a truly unique Solar Panel. 

Manufactured in Germany and imported directly to here in New Zealand, Eurosolar have became the specialists installers of this architectural module.

With their desire to create inspiring solar facades and roof tops, we pride ourselves working alongside Avancis in further pushing the boundaries of solar technology and application. 


Avancis have long been pioneers of CIGS technology, setting multiple world records for efficiency along the way.

CIGS is the most efficient thin-film technology, using a fraction of the semiconductor material that standard solar cells use, resulting in considerably less resource and energy required to produce the panel.

Avancis CIS Technology for more information.
CIGS Thin-Film Photovoltaic White Paper learn about the future of CIGS Solar.


Revolutionary. Inspiring. This is the future of solar.

The Avancis SKALA range feature an intelligent fixing rail design which allows the solar panel to become a facade.

Available in a range of colours, this will become a stand out feature in architectural builds for years to come.

Go to Avancis SKALA to learn more.


Pairing German made solar panels with Austrian made solar inverters, results in a system comprising of the highest quality technology.

At Eurosolar, we proudly use Fronius solar inverters and monitoring equipment.

Fronius have an intelligent, intuitive monitoring system available to all solar systems.

Allowing the system owner to see live data on power usage, solar generation and carbon offsets.

Giving the opportunity for the system owner to maximise household efficiency and return on investment.